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Abby & Joe Feerrar

The Baldest Birds

Co-owners Joe and Abby Feerrar share more than just a love of beer. The brains behind Bald Birds had a connection from the day they met, bonding over a dorky infatuation with superhero movies, an appreciation for really bad jokes, and the fact that they are both totally bald. A few years and 2 kids later, the pair stepped out together to open Bald Birds. 

Before embarking on this big journey, Abby parlayed a degree in Applied Economics and Management from Cornell University into a 10-year career as a performance consultant and simulation designer before turning her attention to the growing space of digital marketing for a few years. 

Joe’s career as a banker in both the retail and commercial sectors has taken him up and down the east coast over the last 15 years and continues to be something he’s truly passionate about. Assembling a top-notch team to helm Bald Birds (and leaving the day-to-day stuff to his lovely wife) allows him to continue the work he loves, even as the brewery gets off the ground. 

When they’re not dreaming about the future of Bald Birds, the Feerrars can be found chasing their two little boys around and asking each other what they should have for dinner.


Head of Distribution

Dan “Disco” McGonigle (the one on the left in the picture) was the final addition to the core of the Bald Birds family. The Philadelphia native and Feerrar family friend knew he would be a Bald Bird before Joe could finish the sentence, “I’m opening a brewery."

With a background in bartending, management, and Information Technology, he hopes to add something unique to your brewery experience. This father and husband is determined to make Bald Birds a place where you can enjoy a great beer in a family-friendly environment.

He’s always eager to hear what you think, so if you want to talk beer, the brewery, or Sixers basketball, make sure you pull him aside!


Want to be a bald biRd?

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